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mea culpa automobile

There should be some special indicator light on your car for when you are in the process of doing something stupid and are sorry for it. Like when you suddenly realize that the GPS is serious about right turn ahead and “ahead” means “now” so you have to scoot across lanes and annoy people. And […]

alert the authorities

Although it will be sad to see the end of summer, it will also be nice to put long pants and long sleeves back on my child. She has both terrible reactions to mosquito bites and a terrible habit of scratching them until they bleed and scab. She is also covered with scrapes and bruises […]

booze and pills do not mix, Bob

This morning I went running and set a new personal pace record! Speedy Mimi! Then I came home and ate a healthy hard-boiled egg and a bunch of blueberries. I drank filtered ice water and swallowed a vitamin. Next came work, where they are currently trying to kill me. I am down a person, there […]


A giant cicada (husk? shell? whole and hearty living cicada entity? I do not wish to know) was discovered clinging to my back porch this morning. I was all like EEEEEEEE and Nora was all like “cool.” Then on the way to the bus I nearly stepped on a dead squirrel, half on the sidewalk […]

virulent anxiety

I just finished a book and I have some mixed emotions about the writing and pacing of it, but I have only one emotion about the subject matter, and that is HOLY CRAP. It’s called The Things That Keep Us Here, exactly the kind of Oprah-esque title I usually despise, and with Jodi Picoult-ish cover […]