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as discriminating as a goat

FLAXSEED HOOTENANNY (ARE TWO WORDS THAT I LIKE) 1. Why is Montana advertising itself so strenuously? There are ads all over the CTA imploring me to visit Montana. It seems like a nice enough place if you are a fan of sweeping vistas, but what really creeps me out* is that the ads seem kind […]

pesky pirates prove puzzling

I CAN DRESS MYSELF I have a fancy dinner/dance/fundraising auction thing to go to this weekend, and had been wondering what to wear. I was sort of planning to bust out one of my vintage skirts, and hope that with twinset, heels, and earrings it could pass for fancy in dim lighting. Then I idly […]

encased in a mesh bag

THINGS MY DAUGHTER SAID WHILE STUDYING A DISCARDED POSTCARD ADVERTISING A CHICAGO STRIP CLUB, YES, IN FULL COLOR, THAT WAS LYING IN THE BUS-STOP SLUSH “Delivering Hot Buns Until 6 AM? What does that mean? Who wants hot buns? Pork buns? From Chinatown?…Oh wait, do they mean butts? [laughter] How can you deliver a butt?” […]