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lazy cartoon cats

CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER I lurk at a lot of forums and messageboards, but I don't post much at any of them. On the political or “issue”-oriented forums, I will sometimes start to state my opinion, especially if people are being dumbfucks, and then I usually think OH FORGET IT because, well, people are being dumbfucks. […]

the groceries interested him most

WE DON'T NEED NO THOUGHT CONTROL I am floundering around in the depths of anxiety over My Precious Muffin's Education. Oh don't worry, I TOTALLY hate myself for it, so you can save the email about how I am a neurotic freakazoid for overthinking this kindergarten thing. I already wrote it! Dear Self, please STFU. […]

nimble as goats

THE THINGS YOU FIND AND THE THINGS YOU CAN'T My glasses are driving me crazy, because they are all LOOSE and constantly sliding down my nose and making me look like a freaky owl person. I do own a spectacle repair kit, one of those tubes with itty bitty screws and itty bitty screwdriver, but […]

pull on a rope to kill a cow

WEATHER The total snowfall here in Chicago is now something like 5000 feet, with more to come. We have all made little snow tunnels and have long snorkels attached to our backs, poke it up through a breathing hole and get a mouthful of frigid air. Then it is back to scurrying. Of course Nora's […]