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torpedo a structure

Pretty good result from a Google image search for “smartypants.” Corn math!Since I last typed at you, I have been on a second talking bus on the #155 route, AND THIS ONE PRONOUNCED “DEVON” CORRECTLY. There are a couple of possibilities here:(1) I was aurally hallucinating the last time, which is certainly not impossible since […]

vortex of a whirlwind

Someone on the other side of my office has decorated her cubicle with the freakiest Valentine's Day decorations, they are freaking me the freak out and I want you to come over here, hold my hand, and feed me Valium until I feel normal again. This woman's entire cube is covered with these big-headed children, […]

Happy Mothers' Day, Jocasta

So many little things are wrong today. My face feels gritty and tender, and I would love more than anything to be home with my lavender cleanser stuff and scrub it up properly, instead of being stuck at this office with its icky pink hand soap and scratchy paper towels. I got dressed in the […]

perfect hexagon of the honeycomb

THE PHENOMENON OF THE TALKING BUS: A RANTY RANTIt was not enough for Chicago to go and order these dumb new buses with weird seat configurations that actually result in LESS seating and besides that are positioned too high up for some of us vertically challenged people to put our feet all the way on […]

return the gift

THINGS I HAVE LEARNED BETWEEN FEBRUARY 7, 2002 AND TODAY1. The song “Tiny Dancer,” staple of many a dive-bar jukebox, is sung by Elton John and not by Journey or Air Supply or Cheap Trick or another one of those 1970s wail-along bands that are on the very fringes of my musical consciousness.2. I have […]

“eyyyyyaaaaagggh” said the monster

THIS IS MOSTLY LINKS, SO GET YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR PANTS AND PREPARE TO CLICKI have the wildly vacillating moods lately: Monday was horrible and stressful and bleak; Tuesday I resembled that small tornado that roars through your house and cleans everything, I was that ruthlessly efficient and energetic; and today feels sort of […]

my soul's on cruise control

Mr Pibb position statement. Really, really, really not safe for work. Not safe for anyone, really, if you value your Children’s Television Workshop memories. The Food Timeline. Does it seem weird to you that cows were domesticated before chickens? I would have started smaller.ANOTHER LIE THAT I TOLD TODAY FOR NO REASON (WHAT IS WRONG […]

neon bright tokyo lights

Oh my goodness I am still so tired. Weekend business trips, where you have to get up and go to work less than twelve hours after arriving home, officially suck. I suppose I could call in “sick,” or “dead,” or “exhausted,” or “crazy” (actually, those last two attributes do not require scare quotes since they […]

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