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it's my left hand that's evil

Which Pixies song are you? Last night by the time I got home from work LT had made dinner and opened a bottle of Cotes du Rhone, which was a pleasant surprise. Then I answered e-mail and read my book while he watched Big Cat Diary. We decided there should be another show called Small […]

ritual appreciation of the view

UNFORMED ROUGH RUDE RUGGED FRAGMENTARY NEBULOUS MONDAY!(a) The fake cereal is cracking me up.(b) The famous Suck cartoon that disses all the literary celebrities. My favorite has got to be Robert Bly having the one-night stand with the pine tree. (c) Today's Sun-Times Weather Word is FRISKY. Today's weather is erect and ready to go.(d) […]

the gravy stain on the white tablecloth of life

I really hate it when my despair is summarized so concisely: More and more she's coming to feel the outlines of an unnatural growth inside her, something pathologically resistant to even the meagerest infusions of religion, nationalism, racialism, humanism. The extent to which people find their lives meaningful is directly proportional to their ability to […]

waffle stuck to the ceiling

My whole El car was preached at yesterday morning. LOUDLY. And she was a lousy preacher, too: no rhythm or timing and very garbled content. (Not that I would appreciate ANY preaching, especially in a confined public space like public transportation. Keep your Jesus to yourself, thanks.) The only good part was this vegetable kick […]

just smoked some gage I'm on a rampage

I have been cursing a lot lately. Maybe I unwittingly had unprotected conversation and contracted a case of Tourette syndrome. Remember, kids: Always Practice Safe Discourse.I have also been talking about sex a lot lately, as some of you have pointed out to my great embarrassment. This is the part where I shuffle around, look […]

in the sleepy west of the woody east

Remember when the links used to come at the end of the entry? Ah, those were the days.SPAIN IS THE DRUNK GUY AT EUROPE'S PARTYBurying the sardine?Tomato throwing?Unsafe.And of course, someone always dies doing this. Thinning the gene pool, I'd say.Let me know if you come across any other wacky Spanish festivals. Of course, here […]

opportunistic opossum

MY SCIENCE BE TIGHT LIKE YO MAMA'S PANTSWhy stand up? To find more food.Nun facade or loins. (Uh, sorry. That's an anagram for: Linear A confounds!) How to be a philosopher. “Stacking spheres” sounds so dirty. Or maybe that's just me. Baby, I'd like to stack your spheres. Oooh! Oooh! Alphabet synthesis machine. It's the […]

never not no nothing

SET THE SCENEDrinking Earl Grey tea. Banana by my side (patient, faithful banana) that I haven't eaten yet. Listening to Clinic. (Warning: lots and lots of exclamation points in this review. Someone! Is! Excited!) LINKSAhhhhh! Totally gross. Excellent collage material.More than you ever wanted to know about goofy hats of war. BEEP BOOP WHHIRRRRRRR RRROINK; […]

don't fuck with the puppet

This bothers me a lot. Everything bothers me a lot.Everything seems dumb and childish. The future is like a lie you tell yourself. The future literally DOES NOT EXIST, and O to be an animal and not know this. That is my definition of heaven, right now.FEAR #1: that I will internalize this fact (that […]

twilight of my wrists

It's peanut butter jelly time.It really is. I had a craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, something I rarely eat but as I said before my mouth is regressing and I'm all about the oatmeal and the childish sandwiches these days. I had the sandwich mostly done, up to and including the peanut […]

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