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full force ahead

Does anyone want to come over and punch me in the head? Like one of those good solid cinematic knockout punches. I'd prefer it if you just knocked me out with one blow (I don't want to be pummeled or anything), and then I slept black dreamless knockout sleep for eight hours or so. It's […]

I'll libretto your head!

Watched this video recently and couldn't help thinking about the somewhat privileged position of the filmmakers (which, to be fair, they acknowledged). Because they had Israeli passports they were able to go back and forth to settlements and cities and Occupied Territories and interview whomever they chose. A Palestinian filmmaker would not have the same […]

lead a horticulture

This simultaneously made me laugh and wince, because when I was growing up my mother was often “disappointed” in me. Tom Daschle says he knows we can do better. As long as I'm being cynical about family life, our buddy Mr Larkin had some opinions on that very subject. Here are the results of my […]

and the khamsin blew over us all

“Some people, they like to go out dancing. Other people, they have to work.” (Lou Reed)Monday. Sigh.Reference to the world's longest slinky was recently made on Slashdot, so everyone already knows about it but me (although let's be fair, what other page besides mine gives you a grid of all the ways you can hurt […]

from distant star to this here bar

Kicking ass. Taking names. Alphabetizing the ass-kicked names and running them through an analysis. Ever have one of those days where you mysteriously feel like an adult? That's me, today. Perhaps it is because I used a spreadsheet this morning. Several spreadsheets, in fact. The very term “spreadsheet” is kind of mysterious and evocative and […]

cha cha cha del queso

KICKING IT FRIDAY-STYLE WITH LINKS INSTEAD OF NARRATIVEORMIMI SMARTYPANTS GETS OFFICE CASUALAmen, brother. Especially the part in boldface. People are way too focused on making something out of nothing, which is ridiculous when you consider the vast, teeming, insanely interesting network of somethings that entangles and surrounds us.How frequently do we masturbate? Since a full […]

not unseldom

Google search that led some sad person to this page: Mimi has big tits. No. She doesn't.Although I did get a brief chance to feel on the large side this morning, as I was walking up the subway stairs right behind one of Those Girls. You know, with the hair? And the fingernails? And the […]

ho una forchetta!

I thought I was done with Olber's Paradox but it apparently wasn't done with me. The following nonsense came to me more or less wholesale in a dream, and I literally sat upright in bed and scribbled it down before passing out again. Unedited, unexpurgated, and merely transcribed for you here:Let L equal the intrinsic […]

truly, madly, maniacally, clumsily

Someone mentioned that the writing here is seriously lacking in transitions. He was correct.PARAGRAPH ONE. Shhhh, Mimi Smartypants. You need to rest. Needing to rest is a plausible explanation for why I am currently obsessed with ants on a log. Why aren't there more, and more creative, variations of this snack? ANTS ON A PLANET: […]

I lick your neck and whisper, “bok choy”

I'm wearing a color today. That color is green. This really shouldn't affect your lives too much, I just include it in case you were looking for me in a crowd or something, and naturally based on my sketchy descriptions here you're looking for a girl wearing black. Well, we'd miss each other today because […]

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