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mimi smartypants
Seriously, though: what's with the penguins?

and the khamsin blew over us all

“Some people, they like to go out dancing. Other people, they have to work.” (Lou Reed)

Monday. Sigh.

Reference to the world's longest slinky was recently made on Slashdot, so everyone already knows about it but me (although let's be fair, what other page besides mine gives you a grid of all the ways you can hurt yourself on a Scottish farm?). Run, don't walk, to the page of audio samples for chirpy googly slinky noises.

I could have done without the horrorshow dreams all night long. Every two hours or so I would wake up startled and dry-mouthed after some Travis-Bickle-esque full-color nightmare of graphic sexual violence. At 4 am I just gave up and started in on the morning's tea-drinking. I have no idea what brought the unpleasant nightmares on, as my Sunday featured no violence, sexual or otherwise: I napped, I read the giant paper and several New Yorkers that had been piling up, I helped LT replace a bad circuit breaker in the basement (and when I say “helped,” I mostly mean “held the flashlight and otherwise stayed out of the way”), and I went to both Target (for a cheap and small suitcase for my upcoming NYC trip; all our current luggage was “month-in-India” size) and Jewel (for gardenburgers, spinach, bananas, etc, all the basics, and, because I was hungry when we went, impulse pretzels).

Do you remember how Eddie Murphy's girl used to want to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time? I wonder if she's still like that.

I was in a cab on Friday night and the cabbie had taken an American flag bar napkin and scotch-taped it to the inside of the rear passenger window. And I'm not one of those people who thinks that slapping up a flag is going to make it all better, but I couldn't help thinking: What a cheap bastard. Either don't put a flag on your cab at all, or go to the goddamn dollar store and get one of those decals. I can just picture this guy furtively pocketing the American flag napkin at his neighbor's barbecue.

I did not know there was a pyramid in Wyoming. I still recommend going to Egypt for the real thing, but if you really need to see a pyramid right now this might hold you until you can get your passport in order.

Extremely sick and tired am I of the LaRouche freaks handing out literature at the Loyola El stop. I've made copies of this page, and the next time those people say “Would you take some of our literature?” I'll reply, “Sure, if you take some of mine.” This would be a good strategy for literature-pushers of all kinds, actually. Maybe I'll do a mini-zine with sections for all my personal beliefs—political, religious, theories of literature, etc—and then keep it ready to hand to pamphleteers. I always accept the Jack Chick religious comic books, though, if they are being handed out, because they are amusing. This one about that evil rock and roll music is my personal favorite. Satan is an evil band promoter named “Lew Siffer”! Oh! I get it! Now THAT'S clever!

—mimi smartypants is keeping time, keeping time with the mystery rhyme.

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