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cake to the nth power

THE TIME I HALLUCINATED AN ENTIRE RESTAURANTA few years ago, I was walking back to my office from lunch. Lunchtime options in River North are plentiful, but it's always nice to see new restaurants, so as I strolled past the corner of Wabash and Huron, I was pleased to see, in place of the dry […]

don we now our gay apparel

To follow up on yesterday's advertising theme: there is yet a third category of names/slogans that falls under the heading of “I See Where You're Coming From, But…” LT and I went out to dinner yesterday, and on the way I saw these two signs: Unique Insurance and Creative Property Management. I think that insurance […]

little, yellow, different

There was all this ruckus and thumpy-thump music outside my office a while ago, and I looked out the window expecting to see a demonstration or a dance party or something cool, and it turned out to be a bunch of people from this new health club doing Tae-Bo in the street. Ick.Perhaps you have […]

in which my head nearly explodes

WARNING: MIMI SMARTYPANTS SHOULD HAVE QUIT WHILE SHE WAS AHEAD. IF YOU LIKE IT LIGHT 'N FLUFFY, WAIT FOR TOMORROW'S ENTRY.I had a huge thing written about feeling all out of sorts, mostly relating to the hijackings and the WTC collapse and the things written on the Glossosaurus site (scroll down a bit to the […]

auto-spam? yes, I'll have a slice

I'm at home, in my pajamas, taking today off for absolutely no reason. The best kind of day off.Last night I heard the President's speech on a taxicab radio, with an obviously Muslim cabdriver (to judge by his religious dashboard accoutrements), who shook his head sadly after every empty wave-the-flag phrase. Personally I felt the […]

used to be that my head was haunted

Hello again. In no particular order, here's what I've been up to since that last depressing post:(1) I met Kat for drinks on Friday and discussed, again in no particular order, the events of 9/11, thong underwear, our crazy families, Scrabble words that are used only within the context of Scrabble, housework and its gendered […]


Words fail me. Words don't usually fail me. Words are my last resort, the one thing I can do when it seems like I can't do anything. But not this time.I won't rehash the details of the horror of 9/11/01. You've seen it on television. You've read about it. (There are amazingly wonderful personal accounts […]

How Animals Do That

The new editor I hired starts today. She seemed non-insane in the interview, and is certainly competent, and I hope she does well. The only annoying thing is that she has the same common first name as someone who already works for me. This could cause problems and confusion: however, part of the hazing ritual […]

golf cart cartel

Ooohh, I have the anger. I'm sure you remember the entire debacle about my wallet being stolen and then the idiots at the car dealership and all that. Every time I tell this story at least one person starts gibbering about identity theft and the black helicopters and the FBI reading your e-mails etc, it […]

copulating lions in the heartland

One of you (and I love you all) wrote to say that I had been a “bad girl” for not updating, and to that I say: When I've been a bad girl, you will know it. It will be on the evening news. Lives will be shattered, compounds burned, deprogramming experts required.However, I concede that […]