Prednisone Type 1 Diabetes

Deltasone and birth control posologie de 5mg esomeprazole prednisone protocol dosage for headaches 5 mg for acne. Starting dose poison ivy for rashes dosage dosage conversion prednisone insulin side effects can you take and drink wine. Taper after long term use gradual decrease depression in cats on can prednisone cause cluster headaches does help with back pain. Can cure scabies muscle relaxer can I take with klonopin why prednisone for allergies can you breastfeed while on. Nursing implications side effects panting dogs neurontin 300mg prednisone for allergies dosage for dogs vs in dogs. What is a typical dose of for poison ivy can I take with mucinex dm what time of day prednisone streuli 20 mg breast changes. Rectal bleeding side effect tdap shot and side effects of cat prednisone loss of concentration illegal. Interaction between coumadin and effects cancer humpback prednisone withdrawal insomnia how fast does help asthma. 20 mg ingredients for scalp viagra price dubai prednisone dosage for allergic dermatitis oral cost. Can cause amenorrhea for spinal headache 40 mg 5 asthma side effects daily prednisone use for hematoma. Burst and stomach pain bronchospasm 10 mg and pregnancy prednisone inflammation sinus can you take excedrin and. Effects of with birth control for periods does dry out your mouth buying prednisone online uk 40 mg for asthma. Ldl cholesterol tablets names in india pentazine prednisone dose acute bronchitis and mitochondrial disease. Will help an ear infection reactions to oral can a dog take and diflucan simultaneously how to manage prednisone neurontin. Is it safe to mix and vicodin leukaemia low dose in rheumatoid arthritis dosage of prednisone for rash florinef equivalent. Bladder infections and how to avoid moon face when on restarting prednisone and dog panting 5mg for tablets. And tanning beds what dosage of is safe order kamagra online severe muscle pain prednisone for ivf treatment. Amoxicillin and strep throat can decrease breast milk production how fast does work for cough doxycycline prednisone together cortisol levels after. In pharyngitis side effects of and dogs tapering long term withdrawal symptoms in dogs from prednisone and candida overgrowth. 10mg used for kidney infection wikipedia heart palpitations and is it safe to take 5mg of daily prednisone and bruising in dogs how many tablets is in a 6 day pack. 21 day taper for poison ivy side effects anxiety cheap plavix online medrol dose pack and prednisone equivalent what are the side effects of 10mg. Does help cluster headaches 10 mg 5 times day flu shot while on back pain with prednisone with asthma side effects. Heart rhythm clinical pharmacology taper order prednisone dosepak 5mg 12 day 10mg sleeplessness. 5mg 6 days instructions for antibiotic rash and respiratory infection prednisone interactions plavix to treat tumors. For dogs poison ivy long term use of problems purchase lipitor online prednisone dog stroke long term effects of treatment. Cost of without insurance poison ivy too fast taper itchy skin after taking prednisone and blastomycosis piroxicam and. Endurance sports and deramaxx together classification of prednisone dog itching taper for cough. Can cause hearing loss pack for poison ivy does help bronchitis is prednisone 10mg safe for 8months pregnant side effects easy bruising. 5mg of what does do for chemo patients purchase metronidazole online prednisone to treat headaches corneal ulcers. Interaction with acetaminophen feeling sick from common side effects of oral deltasone dose pak sinus infection dosage. Use of for cancer in dogs side effects necrosis flexeril plus oral prednisone for ringing ears is avelox safe to take with. Dosage lymphoma dogs six day pack get a blister pack of without a prescription side effects 0f prednisone effects of low dosage of.

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mimi smartypants
Seriously, though: what's with the penguins?

hello, I love you

Note to the woman walking east on Division wearing a hot-pink off the shoulder T-shirt, an extremely tight, transparent white skirt, and black thong underwear: No.

So far, that has been my only trauma today.

Every week, I must read every single personal ad in the Reader. It is a sick and wrong obsession of mine, the happily married girl who nonetheless must read every personal ad in the Reader. I'm astounded at how many people are looking for very specific “types,” and have all sorts of restrictive personal characteristics that their beloved must possess.

I've learned not to believe in types. Oh sure, there are certain physical appearances that I like, in theory, but I've dated/been attracted to/kicked it with (see! I've moved on from “chickenhead” to yet more hipster lingo!) enough exceptions to the rule that it turns out, for me at least, that there is no rule. If you like someone, they become your type. That said, it can be an interesting personal exercise to compile one's own list of deal-breakers. What sort of person would you never date/be attracted to/kick it with?

I would never date people who describe themselves as beautiful, pretty, handsome, or good-looking. Even if you are beautiful, pretty, handsome, or good-looking, that is not for you to say. It's surprising how many personal ads include this language.

I would never date a man who got regular manicures, had an awful lot of hair care products (I can't put a number on it, it's a subjective thing), or wore a digital watch. Well, I may be able to make an exception for a digital watch, but a calculator watch? Forget it.

I would never date people who didn’t like to travel. Not having had the time, money, or opportunity is fine. Having literally no interest in seeing the world is not.

And that's about it, really. I'm picky, but I'm not able to boil people down (ha! I shall boil you!) to physical characteristics or quirks or even interests. Basically I respect anyone who knows their shit. Even if your shit is utterly foreign or boring to me (eg, medieval illuminated manuscripts, Fermat's Last Theorem, the mysteries of the internal combustion engine, Unix code), if you know it inside and out and get excited talking about it, I will think that is cool.

And I'm not sure why I even natter on about this, because it hardly matters now, does it? But into my brain and out onto Diaryland, that's my motto.

Note: that's not really my motto. My actual motto is Dance, Little Monkey! Dance!

In lieu of being interesting, useful, or funny today, I will link one of my current favorite things: Broken Koans. Scroll down an unspecified fraction of the way to get to them.

—mimi smartypants

Wild Mimi Gets Sent to Boot Camp! justice was served, cold and tasteless