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mimi smartypants
Seriously, though: what's with the penguins?

Archive for November 2000

swing the heartache! swing it!

I have brand-new black tights on today, fresh out of the package. Supposedly they use space-age fabrics (the label sports the neologism “microfiber”) for these things, but I think they (meaning the tights) still need time to conform to one's body. This is the same brand I always get and still I'm having the occasional […]

strange desires

Sleater-Kinney's Call the Doctor comes in at 29 minutes and 59 seconds. What, they couldn't maybe hold the ending note 1 second longer? I would never have allowed such an untidy length were I in charge.Of course, that's probably the whole reason I'm not in charge, right there. Too much need for precision, exactness, symmetry, […]

not just words, but code, too!

I just want everyone to notice and comment that, for the first time, I have links (which hopefully work…they seem to) in my journal. Yes, I know, it's not rocket science, but give me a break. I figured it out all by myself and I'm excited.—mimi “lifelong learner” smartypants

one from column A

I'm listening to Beethoven's 9th on headphones, and for a while I was following along with the score, easily found on the Web. That was fun, although it made me a little nostalgic for playing with an orchestra. In a sort of abstract way. I don't think I had ever looked at the score for […]

the agony of the feet

Because of LT's broken-footedness, we were the ultimate shut-ins this weekend. Hooray for Webvan, who brings us groceries on-time and with no fuss. The produce was gorgeous, even better than what is in our local stores sometimes. Hooray for, who brings us videos for our evening viewing. Broken-foot people need cheering up, so we […]

I look like fucking Stevie Nicks!

More news. Two updates in one day. Do you feel the diaryland love? This actually happened earlier this week and could easily have been included in this morning's entry, but I just idn't have the stomach for it before my tea. We're not going to India this week. We're in the process of postponing the […]

the pregnant chad

I am such a lazy Mimi Smartypants. Squibnocket is going to take me off her “daily reading list” and shove me right back onto her “weekly reading list.” And I would deserve it. But it's been a weird week. I won't even mention the election stuff because at this point I wouldn't care if I […]

2 words: What. Ever.

A gray day. I think it might be Storytime.In the summer of 1998, LT and I came back from the Middle East and moved to an apartment in Ravenswood, right by the El tracks at Montrose. The Ravenswood El line basically runs up the alleys of Chicago, so lots of apartments and houses back up […]

the Effa Bee Eye

I had a lovely weekend. It combined all the mandatory weekend things: both hanging around in bars and lying contendedly in my bed with a novel. Friday I had a very nice time with Kat, just the two of us for once, went out to the snooty sushi place and then to the Black Beetle […]

1/2 the adrenaline but all of the safety

I'm poking around on this travel site and there's a tour of Yemen called, “Yemen: The Scent of Eternity.” I just don't think you want to mention Yemen and a smell in the same sentence, if you are trying to get people to visit. I've been to Yemen, and it mostly smells like garbage and […]

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