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Archive for May 2000

let my people go!

It's all dark here! Kind of restful, really. I came in this morning and all the lights were out. I have a window, and a desk lamp, so I can still work, but it's so fun to walk around and use the copy machine in the dark. I just saw a bunch of building guys […]

I'm your pocket monster

We're having mini-blinds put in the new place a week from Friday (these new rehabs don't come with window treatments). Whenever LT or I mention this, in trying to schedule it and all, we keep referring to “the blind person.” So a blind person will soon be driving to my house to measure the windows. […]

moving headaches

I have to switch cable companies for the big move. I lived for a long long time without cable, but I finally broke down about 2 years ago, and now I just can't go back. I have an Animal Planet addiction. The weird thing is that Chicago cable is all broken up into these little […]

crap entry. you win some, you lose some.

All this time I have been thinking my new address was one thing, and it turns out I have been off by one number. It ends in a six and not a nine. Good thing I haven't gotten very far in switching over utilities, magazine subscriptions, etc.There's a board meeting today so I'm all dressed […]

could it be ennui, Henri?

No one's here, mysteriously, and I'm realizing how much I love it. I have a wacky Internet radio station turned up unprofessionally loud. It just played 4 versions of Girl From Ipanema, one of my all-time favorite songs (the only other serious contender would be Hava Nagila. Seriously).My landlord is being a jerk about us […]

the 400-m rodent freestyle

My freshman year in college, I always took a certain route back to my dorm from the library or dining hall, a route that took you through a kind of a wooded area. One day there was a dead bird lying on the ground. I got sort of used to seeing the dead bird and […]

truly plebian

I have been without e-mail for 2 days. It's completely heinous, especially at work. Every time you want to communicate some crappy little nugget (Crappy Nugget! Free Inside Every Package!) of information, you have to send voice mail to a bunch of different people, and they send voice mail back to you, and you waste […]

a new dwelling!

OK, sometimes I'm all like “uhh, nothing's going on but I'll update anyway” but now something legitimately is going on. (1) We bought a house. A condo, specifically. It's on a quiet little street in between an Indian/Pakistani neighborhood and a Chasidim neighborhood. We went out looking on Saturday, with no intention of actually signing […]