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Seriously, though: what's with the penguins?

Archive for October 1999

threats of violence

Office supplies. Let's talk office supplies. Have you seen these new correction-tape dispenser things, made by Liquid Paper? They lay down a strip of like flexible white plastic that ends up totally flush with the page and you can write on it right away. (Run-on sentences, ahoy!) I quite like them and have stolen several.Getting […]

hardly worth reading, really

I'm reading Confessions of an English Opium-Eater by Thomas de Quincey. 19th-century smack addiction rocks!Ugh, I'm tired. This might end up being another lame-ass entry. (I'm telling you right up front now, in case you want to bail.) In my new manager role (everybody say: oooooh) I went to this huge meeting this morning, 2 […]

quite blown away (by the wind, that is)

Dinner last night was amazing—asparagus and mushroom risotto in like a creamy sun dried tomato broth—all the hip and cool food buzzwords, yes I know, but it truly was delicious. Then R (the sister-in-law) and I went to Lemming's and had beer, and I had a panicky few moments when I thought I had lost […]

rodents and other vermin

This morning I was listening to NPR as I got dressed for work (because I am SUCH a snob) (or more accurately because I hate commercial radio more, if this is possible, than I hate Hollywood movies), and they were talking about DisneyQuest and NikeTown and all that InterCapped consume-o-rama shoppertainment type nonsense, and one […]

odd dreams (like you care)

So it's Monday and I'm a bit less buoyant than in the last entry. (I was going to make some joke here on the literal meaning of “buoyant,” but oh, screw it.) I got a lot of stuff done this weekend, however. Well, Friday night I just got a lot of drinking done. But the […]

in which I have a stupid grin on my face

I'm wearing my new kick-ass tall leather boots and I feel all dominatrix and stuff…although I like the clothes (especially PVC and vinyl—-ooh I love my vinyl dress), I'm really not the sort to administer sexual punishment. I'm way too self-conscious to put on a show like that. So never fear, gentle readers.Although, sexually, I […]

no, I don't own the road

Does anyone else besides me think that “SCROTUM” would be a great name for a car? A model of car. As in, “The New Ford Scrotum!” “Scrotum: Drive the Excitement!” or “It's Not Your Father's Scrotum!”Maybe it's just me. Hell, it's no stupider than some of the car names I've seen lately. There is apparently […]

in which I watch strange tv and am generally a lame-ass

It is such a gorgeous day out. No, really. It is.Last night I was flipping channels and on the public access cable station there was stuffed animals dancing. That's all. Just some weird carnival-type music and a close-up of these hands holding a stuffed rabbit and a stuffed dog and making them dance. I watched […]

the great syrup disaster

I think the world would be vastly improved if we had more shouting in public. Today I have a strange urge to shout, “THERE'S A FRIED EGG SANDWICH ON THE LOOSE!!” as loud as possible. Preferably through a megaphone.I'm just stressed in that weird way where objectively you don't have anything to be stressed about. […]

hollywood, go away

So I finally saw the new Star Wars movie, because it came to the cheap-ass theater in my neighborhood. It had aliens and explosions and stuff. I only looked at my watch twice. Since I pretty much hate all movies, that's pretty much a stellar recommendation from me.I don't really hate ALL movies, just about […]

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